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From leveling kits, axel swaps, full suspensions and more, the possibilities are endless. TNT™ has been designing, installing and maintaining an array of trucks that range from street comfort, mudding, rock crawling, and all the way to hardcore bouncers. We guarantee all of our work to the highest level of safety and assurance. 


Increasing The Bar of Design Starts With An Idea & Execution

Suspension Lift Kits

The end results of a full lift kit is greatly beneficial for those looking to get more our of their truck or Jeep. TNT™ is a recognized distributor through many different vendors, offering our clients the very best in suspension lift kits. The ability to substantially upgrade from 2" all the way to a 8+ or greater allocates for bigger tires, more articulation and ground clearance. 

Leveling Kits

Most commonly seen in pickup trucks, leveling kits are able to replace the factory rake that allow the rear to perch higher to compensate for hauling and daily bed loads. Leveling kits are a great and affordable way to beat the sag in the rear, and bring your front end up a few inches. 

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