Function + Performance

Performance driving on the street or the trails requires the proper gearing when lifts, tires and loads are taken into consideration. Theres an array of products and possible combinations to achieve a multitude of operations out o your vehicle.

Contact us today to bring out the functionality of your daily driver or weekend vehicle.


lock it From the inside out

Ring and pinion sets are an absolute must if you plan on altering your vehicles stock suspension in any way shape or form. Theres several results one can look to gain by increasing or decreasing the ratios. From better gas mileage, to speed and durability, we can work with you to find the middle ground needed for your expectations. Please take a look over our vendors and suggested setups for your next project.

upgrade the ring

Chasing the right ring and pinion combination for your vehicle will bring better performance and also maintain the longevity of your axle. The constant velocity and rotation in your gears will eventually wear down the metals causing the fragments to interfere with the other components making them vulnerable and weaker. 

Lock & Loaded

From automatic, electrical to air we offer a great selection of lockers from some of the highly respected names on the market. Lockers will boost your vehicle to overcompensate on those tricky and challenging trails. Its time to lock those wheels and throttle out. Please view our vendors latest products and call for pricing today.