Upgrade to safety

Committing to a roll cage or an exoskeleton goes to bringing your vehicle to the next level. We have crafted some of the most durable cages in-house as well as installing pre-fabricated systems. From bouncers to Jeeps we are confident you'll love what we offer.


TNT 4x4 Offical Event Truck

Owner Leo Terrizzi has been building trucks ever since he could turn a wrench. His craft and commitment to his shop, employees and clients reaches out to his community. For the past 15 years, Leo and his team have been working with innovative and lasting ideas that they bring life for their clients every expectation. Additionally, the team goes out to events to raise awareness and funds for nonprofit charities with their ever growing monster truck.


Understanding the point system thats utilized on your truck jeep or buggy helps to chose the right option for your cage. While most roll cages work to protect the entirety of the vehicle, there are also options for partial or selected areas. 


Truck Roll bars

Truck roll bars give a pickup a more aggressive and functional setup when lights, toolbox and other accessories are joined together. We can help sure out the right bar structure for you and customize it to your everyday or weekend need.