The Choice Is yours

The following vendors or only a few options when it comes to upgrading the components to your vehicles axles,or for someone in the marketing looking to purchase a new enhanced setup. From shafts, splines, seals and drive shafts we will work with you to obtain the best possible solution.

KNOWING what To Chose

Understanding your Jeep or trucks capabilities can show a lot of grey ares and radically different options. For over 20 years we have built some of the most notorious Monster trucks seen on TV, to the most highly efficient daily drivers. Call us today for questions and project ideas. 


When in doubt truss it out

The elaborate steel structures we are able to purchase, or customize through customized ideas can truly bring your structural integrity full circle. Offroad capabilities can be greatly enhanced and the overall longevity of the axles support will advance itself. 

Bring your idea to life

TNT works with many vendors, but has cultivated long-lasting relationships with local companies like Long Island Water Jet, who has been helping us fulfill our clients most creative concepts. 


Bring your Vector Art To Life

Looking to bring forth an idea for your truck or Jeep? Maybe you need a bracket, housing or other item for your vehicle that has no become obsolete. Owner and craftsmen Ron Dennison has been serving the Long Island marketing for all projects big and small. They offer sophisticated work through a variety of metals and patterns. We have collaborated wit them for many projects and customized pieces. With a pen and paper, and a idea Long Island Water Jet can help create dynamic and functional articles for your every need.